Active Ageing

Active Ageing

Active Ageing

Exercise is key to happy, healthy and joyful ageing with a great quality of life. The body of evidence showing the health benefits of exercise for seniors is large and growing. Physical and mental health and wellbeing, cognition, falls, and even lifespan are areas where studies have shown regular exercise to be beneficial. 

Come and discover an exercise program at Empower Gym that aims to combat some of the risks associated with ageing including: muscle loss (sarcopenia), bone loss (osteoporosis), osteoarthritis, falls, cognitive decline, incontinence and inactivity.

But just as, if not more than, important is the improvement in your quality of life as you join an inclusive community all striving to thrive in their fitness goals. We offer classes, 1 on 1’s and flexible payment plans, so that you can access the gym when best suits you. 

Our approach uses various treatments including:


One on one classes


Group classes


Home programs


HUR equipment

Why Choose Us?

We are part of the
Unley Physiotherapy Group

Our aim at Unley Physiotherapy is to get to the root of your problem by providing you with information, management solutions and developing a treatment plan that suits your needs and your lifestyle.

Empower Gym is an extension of the services we offer at Unley Physio – all of the highly skilled and experienced team, with a cutting edge facility.

Our referrals come from GPs, consultants and other health and sport professionals. Our main source of referrals has always been and continues to be, from client recommendations.

Find out more about Unley Physiotherapy here.

All Access Workouts

We are so excited to have a wide range of HUR equipment at Empower Gym. HUR wheelchair accessible exercise equipment utilises Pneumatic (air resistance) technology that follows the natural movement of the muscles, is easy on joints and allows for optimal muscle loading equal to the fitness and ability level of each unique user.

The entire wheelchair accessible line includes the option for zero starting load, which is ideal for beginners and early initiation of rehabilitative therapy. Automatically loading touch screen exercise programs and equipment adjustments allow for safe, non-intimidating, independent use, allowing clients more control over their workouts while also saving staff time.