Specialist Gym for Performance and Rehabilitation


We specialise in training and rehabilitating athletes in golf, AFL, netball, soccer, running and triathlons, amongst others.


Empower Gym services are a new and expanded component of the treatment and management for neurological and vestibular conditions, in partnership with Unley Physiotherapy.


Our building, facilities and equipment are all access. We  are fully equipped with the HUR Intelligence System which will revolutionise your training.


We bring you leading equipment and a highly experienced team to accelerate your active ageing goals and help combat some of the risks associated with ageing.


Concussion baseline testing, post injury assessment, specialist referral if required, rehabilitation and assessment for return to work/play.

What makes Empower Gym different?

All sessions are supervised by one of our highly skilled and experienced physiotherapy, exercise physiology or strength and conditioning team.

We have the latest in assessment technology available to assess your needs, set your goals and track your progress.

The gym emphasises inclusivity, creating a supportive exercise community for all.

Why Choose Us?

We are part of the
Unley Physiotherapy Group

Our aim at Unley Physiotherapy is to get to the root of your problem by providing you with information, management solutions and developing a treatment plan that suits your needs and your lifestyle.

Empower Gym is an extension of the services we offer at Unley Physio – all of the highly skilled and experienced team, with a cutting edge facility.

Our referrals come from GPs, consultants and other health and sport professionals. Our main source of referrals has always been and continues to be, from client recommendations.

Find out more about Unley Physiotherapy here.

Unley Physio

Unley Concussion Clinic

Concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), resulting in temporary physiological changes to the brain at a cellular level. Concussion occurs as a result of a knock to the head or neck, or a knock to any other part of the body resulting in transmitting force to the brain. These changes to the brain are not detectable on normal imaging (eg. MRI) in mild cases and therefore can be difficult to diagnose. Considering this, a thorough assessments by relevant health professionals is important to accurate diagnose a concussion and ensure a fast recovery. Concussions are not always associated with a loss of consciousness

Given the mechanism of a concussion injury, one or multiple body systems can be affected. At Unley Concussion Clinic (part of Empower Gym), we will complete a thorough assessment of your symptoms to identify what systems are affected to best direct your rehabilitation.

‘Early targeted intervention following a concussion significantly improves clinical outcomes with earlier return to play’

Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions

Exercise prescription is provided for patients with different chronic conditions, including cardiac, respiratory, metabolic, neurological, musculoskeletal, mental health and cancer.

Prescription can be in the form of one-on-one sessions, group classes or home programs, tailored to the individual’s needs and goals.  All classes and sessions at Empower Gym are fully supervised by a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist, and adjustments to your program are made as needed. READ MORE.

High Performance Athletes

Our highly experienced team of physiotherapists excel in delivering high performance training and rehabilitation for athletes. With backgrounds in many different sports, working with elite level athletes from AFL, golf, netball, soccer, mountain biking and athletics our team has extensive knowledge in how to maximise performance in your chosen sport, no matter what your leveller goals. 

Utilising leading edge technologies, also used by some of the biggest sporting clubs around the globe (AFL, NFL, EPL), our physiotherapists measure, and collect the crucial information giving our team unparalleled insight into performance, injury risk and rehabilitation. At Empower Gym, your high performance training and rehabilitation is managed through a collaborative approach, led by a sports physiotherapist and working closely with strength/conditioning coaches as well as exercise physiologists. This ensures a comprehensive and professional experience and faster goal achievement. LEARN MORE about High Performance Training.

high performance athletes

‘Unparalleled insight into performance, injury risk and rehabilitation.’

Active Ageing

Active Ageing

Exercise is key to happy, healthy and joyful ageing with a great quality of life. The body of evidence showing the health benefits of exercise for seniors is large and growing. Physical and mental health and wellbeing, cognition, falls and even lifespan are areas where studies have shown regular exercise to be beneficial. 

Come and discover an exercise program at Empower Gym that aims to combat some of the risks associated with ageing including: muscle loss (sarcopenia), bone loss (osteoporosis), osteoarthritis, falls, cognitive decline, incontinence and inactivity.

Join an inclusive community all striving to thrive in their fitness goals. We offer group classes, 1 on 1’s under the skilled guidance of highly experienced physios and you can access these services when best suits you. READ MORE.

HUR Machines and Smart Touch

This equipment has been rigorously chosen by our team, We believe it is leading the way for rehabilitation and performance enhancement, regardless of age and ability.

HUR allows older people and people with disabilities to exercise more safely by reducing stress on joints and connective tissues. HUR’s air resistance equipment is safe and easy to use, which makes it suitable for a large variety of users.

HUR Smart Touch technology means that gym programs are digitally uploaded so that when you get to the machine and swipe your wrist band all the equipment is correctly loaded and adjusted for your work out.

HUR strength training machines and the HUR Smart Touch exercise system are designed to provide results efficiently and safely and to meet a large variety of exercise and rehabilitation needs.

We are so excited to be able to offer a large range of this state of the art technology at Empower Gym, facilitating exercise prescription for more of our community.

HUR Adelaide

Neurological, Vestibular and Rehabilitation

Empower Gym services are a new and extended part of the treatment and management of neurological and vestibular conditions, already provided by the experienced neurological team at Unley Physiotherapy. Our vision is to provide the very best care possible. READ MORE.

All Access Workouts

HUR wheelchair accessible exercise equipment utilises Pneumatic (air resistance) technology that follows the natural movement of the muscle, is easy on joints and allows for optimal muscle loading equal to the fitness and ability level of each unique user.

The entire wheelchair accessible line includes the option for zero starting load, which is ideal for beginners and early initiation of rehabilitative therapy. Automatically loading touch screen exercise programs and equipment adjustments allow for safe, non-intimidating, independent use, allowing clients more control over their workouts while also saving staff time.

Disabled Gym